Have you ever tried to organize a party and lacked a great venue that I convenient as well? That is because you did not consider Bengal Bar and Grill. On any normal day, our customers are satisfied with our tasty food and the great ambiance. It is not a wonder then that many customers end up bringing parties to our location. Many customers are always asking for our secret recipes. This is a  difficult request to honor all the time. However, we will give you recipes of our signature dishes that are favorites such as Chakli snacks.

Chakli Recipe

To make Chakli, you will need a number of spices. In particular, you will need sesame seeds, cumin seeds, red chili powder, asafetida, carom seeds, turmeric powder and salt. Mix all these together in a bowl. In another separate bowl, mix  gram and rice flour and then add the spice mixture in and stir. Once everything is mixed into a smooth consistency, heat your oil or butter in a pan and add the flour to the oil mixture. Let the flour fry until crispy and set your Chakli on paper towels so that the excess oil can drain.

This recipe will yield the best Chakli you have ever tasted. It will taste just like Bengal Bar and Grill Chakli and give you nostalgic memories of your visits. Remember that the Chakli can be eaten as dessert or as snacks with a light accompaniment. They do have many calories so you should beware of eating too many of them at a go or too often.

Group Parties

Sometimes you just want to host a party without having to clean up afterwards like the tree service Lansing  people who came or have people in your space, crossing your boundaries. At Bengal Bar and Grill we offer enough space to fit up to 900 people. We provide you with a great venue with expansive space. Additionally, we ensure that you have everything you need for the party and do not need to clean up afterwards.

Corporate Gatherings

If you are tasked with organizing an office party or gathering, Bengal Bar and Grill is the place to be. We have hosted numerous companies for their anniversary parties and other celebrations. Some companies have celebrated many years of service at our premises. An airport shuttle company celebrated three-quarters of a century at our place. A hair weaving company also held a corporate gathering with about fifty people.

Corporate gatherings are more than welcome. We cater to your menu needs and ensure that you have the best of our special menu items. If you want the spicy Indian food off our menu, it is readily available. So is the South East Asian cuisine that we offer.

Hangout Place

Bengals Bar and Grill was a great place to hang out and watch sports long before we started offering group parties. You can still invite your friends or 24/7 locksmith for a nice time of watching sports, spending time together and eating good food. You will definitely enjoy the spacious patio, the more than 25 HD television screens that are always showing sports and the special drinks menu which is at your disposal. You can even come for a simple meal with some friends before you head out for a night of more fun.

Great Venue and Extensive Menu

If you want a place where you can hang out with friends in a free and relaxed manner, this is the place to be. If, you would also like to host a party or a corporate gathering, we are open to reservations.  We will provide all the food and drinks that you would like and all at an affordable price. We have enough space to fit large groups of people. This can be backed up by the fact that we hosted a tree removal company that had 900 people attending the gathering. There was enough space and the place was not crowded at all. Our spacious patio greatly contributes to the space thus making Bengals Bar and Grill a great venue. To complement the venue and space, we also have a versatile menu where you can choose whatever cuisine you like. We offer South East Asian food and the ever popular spicy Indian food as well.


Bengals Bar and Grill is the perfect spot for social gatherings as well as group parties. You can never get bored of the unique cuisine and the inclusive menu. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy some sports matches on the numerous High Definition television screens we have in our establishment.

Call us for a party reservation today.

Hey reader, follower, raving fan! Howdy!

We tend to assume that you are one of our raving fan customers who loves our food and our catering and party specials! Over the last two months this summer, we have had an average of 3 parties every week! Somehow groups of people and companies find our location, ambiance and more importantly our food very tasty (literally)!


Some of our customers have come back again and again to book our halls and venue to host parties. Remember the tree removal company who hosted 900 people in June? Well guess what! They reserved our restaurant banquet hall two more times for various events. We are absolutely grateful for it and want to give a shout out to them. Infact as a token of appreciation, we have included their tree service yelp page and their tree removal facebook page so visitors to our site can check them out!

Popular Recipies

Some of our customers ask us for our secret sauce when they dine here. Though we dont like to give our secret away, we have decided to start a column every month where we will share one of our delicious recipies so people can try at home. This month we will begin with Chakli. Chakli is an Indian fried flour which is used more as a snack or dessert. It has more calories than a puntzi doughnut!

  1. first take the rice flour and gram flour in a bowl.indian food
  2. add the carom seeds, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, turmeric powder, red chili powder, asafoetida and salt.
  3. mix everything with a spoon.
  4. heat butter or oil in a bowl or small pan.
  5. add the hot butter or oil to flour mixture.

Here is a great video which is a good guide to Indian Food for Newbies.

OK, until our next recipie next month, good bye!!

Party and Catering Specials Take Off!


May Blockbusters!

Another month has gone by and another successful thirty days in business! Bengals Bar and Grill is proud to have hosted a dozen (yes twelve) companies and their staff at our location for various events. Our management has decided to focus atleast fifty percent (50%) of our revenue to come from hosting catering events and another 50% to come from daily individual customers.

As part of that we ran a promotion in our Detroit location and Ann Arbor location and had some big companie bite it (yes, pun intended!)

indian food

A Hair weaving and hair extension company booked two full days to celebrate their Grand opening success. We had about fifty people at the event they ordered most of our special menu items!

Another company which booked our party special was an Airport Shuttle and taxi company based in Detroit. They were celebrating 75 years (yes long time indeed!!) in business and threw a big party for all their staff and loyal customers. Altogether about 350 people came and went over a period of 3 days!

For more information on our party specials and discounts on our catering please contact us at info@bengalbarandgrill.com


Hello and welcome to the number one hangout place for eating and watching sport! Bengals Bar and Grill is proud to announce that we now provide group parties!

indian food

After being taken over by new management and opened newly refurbished, we now offer multi country cuisine. We offer exotic spicy Indian food along with South East Asian cuisine like spring rolls and cutlets. Though predominantly a bar and grill, our main staple food is grilled barbeque chicken and wings!

Last month we hosted a part for employees of a tree company who were out here celebrating the 10th anniversary of the company’s starting. There were about twenty five employees and their spouses and they all had a good time. The reason they gave for choosing our restaurant was the reviews they saw in Google and Yelp.  You can see their video below

We also had a carpet company who celebrated their 50th year anniversary at our bar and grill. This was a national firm and had about 200 people attend their annual dinner. A total of 100 chickens and 400 wings were ordered among other variety of food items! This company also offered 10% discount to all of the regular members of our restaurant. Feel free to go to their website www.carpetcleaningsouthfield.com and enter coupon code 10OFF to avail this special offer!

Bengals Bar & Grill is Columbia’s most exciting sports hotspot! Located downtown at 6th & Elm St. across from Peace Park on Mizzou’s campus, Bengals boasts 25+ high-definition flat-screen TVs (showing all sports, all the time), plus a spacious patio, late night menu, daily drink specials, and more!


Bengals Bar & Grill is Columbia’s most exciting sports hotspot! Located downtown at 6th & Elm St. across from Peace Park on Mizzou’s campus, Bengals boasts 25+ high-definition flat-screen TVs (showing all sports, all the time), plus a spacious patio, late night menu, daily drink specials, and more! Check us out

Bengals also offers carry-out service and private party reservations. Invite your friends tonight and enjoy an evening of good company, great food and drinks, and fantastic sports!