More Parties! We are the Heart of Every Party!

Hey reader, follower, raving fan! Howdy!

We tend to assume that you are one of our raving fan customers who loves our food and our catering and party specials! Over the last two months this summer, we have had an average of 3 parties every week! Somehow groups of people and companies find our location, ambiance and more importantly our food very tasty (literally)!


Some of our customers have come back again and again to book our halls and venue to host parties. Remember the tree removal company who hosted 900 people in June? Well guess what! They reserved our restaurant banquet hall two more times for various events. We are absolutely grateful for it and want to give a shout out to them. Infact as a token of appreciation, we have included their tree service yelp page and their tree removal facebook page so visitors to our site can check them out!

Popular Recipies

Some of our customers ask us for our secret sauce when they dine here. Though we dont like to give our secret away, we have decided to start a column every month where we will share one of our delicious recipies so people can try at home. This month we will begin with Chakli. Chakli is an Indian fried flour which is used more as a snack or dessert. It has more calories than a puntzi doughnut!

  1. first take the rice flour and gram flour in a bowl.indian food
  2. add the carom seeds, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, turmeric powder, red chili powder, asafoetida and salt.
  3. mix everything with a spoon.
  4. heat butter or oil in a bowl or small pan.
  5. add the hot butter or oil to flour mixture.

Here is a great video which is a good guide to Indian Food for Newbies.

OK, until our next recipie next month, good bye!!

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